Monash University Will Act Against Its Students Who Join 'Illegal Gatherings'

The local branch of the university issued the warning without specifying any groups.

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In a move that probably impinges on student rights, Monash University Malaysia has warned its students that action would be taken against them for participating in "illegal gatherings"

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In the above advisory issued by its registrar Dr Susheela Nair, students are told, without specifically naming any gatherings, that:

Recently, "there have been numerous illegal gatherings involving sections of the public and these are organised without relevant approvals from the authorities".

It further warns students that they are advised not to participate in any "illegal gathering/related activity which contravenes Malaysian laws."

"Any student found to be participating in such gathering/activity or who is arrested by authorities for doing so may be subjected to disciplinary proceedings," it reads.

And it's not just Monash University. According to Malaysiakini, even Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia has issued a similar warning.

Curtin University has said that the Higher Education Ministry had issued a circular, warning students against participating in "illegal gatherings". Its Deputy pro vice-chancellor Beena Giridharan has said "appropriate action" would be taken against any students involved in activities defamatory to the university, reported Malaysiakini.

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Meanwhile, speaking to Malaysiakini, some students of Monash University Malaysia have shown their displeasure at the warning

The portal reported one student, who spoke on condition of anonymity, saying that he was surprised because Monash has always been outspoken about human rights

"I didn't expect them to caution us against gatherings which fight for our basic democratic rights," the unnamed student was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.

On the other hand, Federal Minister Ismail Sabri has warned Malaysians to not take part in the rally as something might happen:

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