Mother Who Fell Into A Coma While Giving Birth 5 Months Ago Finally Meets Her Baby

The 28-year-old experienced a complication which stopped her heart.

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On 18 November 2018, Nur Fadilla, who had been due to give birth for six days, underwent a C-section

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During the surgery, the 28-year-old experienced a complication which stopped her heart, Tribun News reported.

The doctors were able to deliver her baby and save her, but she was still far from well.

"Her heart started beating again when the baby was born, but due to the lack of oxygen in her brain, she fell into a coma," Nur Fadilla's cousin Nur Hasirah said.

She told Siakap Keli that before the C-section, doctors had attempted to induce her labour three times.

"Before she was taken to the operating theatre, she was conscious and stable," she added.

Nur Fadilla finally regained consciousness on 2 April, five months after she fell into a coma

She was able to see her baby boy for the first time since his birth.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

According to a Facebook post by her cousin, the mother "cried her eyes out" when she first embraced her 5-month-old son

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Photos of their reunion on Nur Hasirah's Facebook garnered over 1,500 shares at the time of writing.

"The 138th day," the caption read, adding that it was bittersweet as the mother did not have the strength to carry him on her own.

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"Be strong for your child. May God heal you," Nur Hasirah added.

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