Beware Of This Motorcyclist Who Injures Himself For Money In Sentul

The incident happened near UTC Sentul.

Cover image via Umie Adam

A woman has warned the public to be vigilant of a road scam after she was recently deceived by a man who claimed that his foot was ran over by her car

Image via Umie Adam

Facebook user Umie Adam shared about her experience on social media on 25 October of how she fell for a road scam when a motorcyclist cheated her by faking injuries.

During the 23 October incident, Umie was driving near the UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) Sentul when she was about to cross a junction and the said motorcyclist appeared beside her car. Umie explained that she did not have a clear view as her vision was obstructed by the motorcyclist and a car that was parked at the curb.

According to her, the motorcyclist kept blocking her view even as she tried to creep out inch by inch. 

Suddenly, the motorcyclist approached her and said, "Akak, tayar kereta you pijak kaki I (Sister, your car's tyre ran over my foot)."

Umie was shocked and worried upon hearing the statement, fearing that she might have hurt the man. She quickly reversed her car and apologised to the man, who then told her to stop by the roadside.

As soon as she got down from her car, Umie apologised and observed his foot.

"There was no wound or any other signs that his foot was ran over by tyres. I asked him to walk, and he was limping," she said.

Umie then offered to take the man to the clinic for medical treatment but he persistently refused

Umie said that he repeatedly rejected the idea of going to a nearby clinic even when she told him that she would bear the costs for the treatment.

The man also apparently said that "there's no clinic nearby" although Umie pointed out that there was one around the corner.

He went on saying that it was his first day of work and going to a clinic would be troublesome as the doctor would ask him to go for follow-up visits. 

The man then demanded Umie to give RM20 to "settle" the case, saying that he would use the money and go to a clinic himself

This was when she realised that something was amiss and suspected that this man was probably a fraudster since he was so insistent of not going to the clinic but wanted cash instead.

Realising that the man could be faking injuries to scam her, Umie then said she had no cash with her and that she would have used her card to pay for his medical bills if only they went to a clinic together.

To this, man said he would follow Umie to the bank and wait for her to withdraw the cash to compensate him.

Eventually, the negotiations between Umie and the man ended with the former paying RM13, which she borrowed from a friend who was with her at that time

Image via Umie Adam

They went on their own ways after that but they met again soon after, as Umie's car stopped at the traffic light. Umie and her friend saw the same motorcyclist squeezing his bike in between two cars.

They were surprised when they saw with their own eyes how the man was stretching his left leg towards a car while he knocked on the car's window.

Only then was Umie's suspicions confirmed as she realised that the man was using the same tactic to scam other drivers. 

It was learned that the other driver ignored the motorcyclist but the fraudster continued to trail the car and pestered the driver to stop

Umie said that she too, followed them from behind, as she was dissatisfied that she had been conned by the motorcyclist.

Nevertheless, when the motorcyclist realised that he was being followed by Umie, he sped off and escaped from the scene.

According to Umie, it was the first time that she was faced with such a situation and she warned others not to fall for such a road scam. She also said that she had lodged a police report over the incident.

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