Motorcyclists, Beware Of These Neck-Height Wire Traps When You're On The Road

It is believed to have been set up to aid robbery attempts.

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A patrol officer sustained a gash to his neck when he rode into a wire stretched across a motorcycle lane tunnel while he was on duty along the Shah Alam Expressway

The incident happened near the Awan Kecil exit heading eastbound towards KL on Friday, 21 October just before dawn around 5.35am. A police report was lodged soon after.

According to KESAS, no other motorcyclists were injured by the wire trap and that plans to install CCTVs in strategic locations will be expedited following the incident

Speaking to the Malay Mail, a KESAS Sdn. Bhd. spokesperson said that immediate steps were taken to ensure the safety of motorists and motorcyclists upon receiving the report.

"We ran a check along the highway, including motorcycle lanes and exits and fortunately found no other similar traps set up," he said, adding that this was the first such incident reported.

The wire trap is believed to have been set up to aid robbery attempts, although the police are currently investigating it as a case of mischief

Brickfields police chief Assistant Commissioner Sharul Othman Mansor told Malay Mail that police are investigating the incident as a case of mischief which could have caused obstruction to traffic until more leads are found.

While KESAS stated that it was the first such incident to be reported, some commenters revealed that there have been similar unreported robbery cases involving wire traps in the past few years

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