[VIDEO] M'sian Cook Accidentally Drops iPhone Into Boiling Oil While Filming A TikTok

POV: You're a chicken being fried.

Cover image via @zaeim_ainn (TikTok)

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A Malaysian fried chicken vendor recently went viral after accidentally dropping his iPhone into a pan of boiling oil while filming a TikTok video

In the 39-second clip, the cook, who goes by the handle @zaeim_ainn on TikTok, can be seen filming a video explaining to his followers how he makes his famous fried chicken.

"Once you see half of the chicken floating to the top of the oil, you can turn down the heat of your pan," says the vendor in the video.

In the process of panning his phone camera over the fried chicken, he accidentally drops the device, sending it right into the boiling oil.

The iPhone submerges in the hot pan for 10 seconds before he finally picks it up

After picking up his phone, the cook can be seen walking into his restaurant and attempting to recover the device.

The video then cuts to him and his friend testing his iPhone's front camera and speaker. Fortunately, the smartphone appears to still be working.

"Thank you, iPhone, your product is satisfyingly good," the man wrote in his video.

The TikTok has since garnered over 800,000 views, with amused Malaysians leaving hilarious comments on the post

One user commented that the TikTok video is the rarest iPhone review he has ever seen.

Another commented that they now understand what chickens feel when they are being fried.

"Not just waterproof, but 'fried-proof' as well," commented one user.

"Thank God you picked up the phone quickly. Otherwise, my skin would've been crispy," wrote another user.

Watch the full video here:

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