[VIDEO] M'sian Woman Horrified After Finding Frog Eggs In Her Nasi Lemak Bungkus

"Since when do frogs lay eggs in banana leaves?" one user asked.

Cover image via @rosebirumedia (Instagram)

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A Malaysian woman recently shared on TikTok about her experience finding an unusual ingredient in a packet of nasi lemak she ate

In the 12-second clip, the woman showed a few packs of nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves at a restaurant that is said to be located at the World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL).

She wrote in the video that she had finished a pack of nasi lemak at the restaurant before realising that there was something unusual in the food.

The video then cut to her showing a row of mystery round-shaped content inside the wrapping of the nasi lemak, which was sitting right next to the coconut rice and sambal.

She said that she took a few photos of her unusual find and sent them to her mother for confirmation on what those were

In response, her mother said that those were frogspawn, leaving the woman in shock.

"My mom said those are frogspawn. Meanwhile, my husband tried calming me down and said that those were basil seeds. I will never eat nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves again," she said.

Upset by the meal, the woman said she reported it to the restaurant's employee, who was also surprised by the alleged frogspawn and offered to replace her meal.

"I was not going to order another nasi lemak so I agreed to accept an egg sandwich. I left the other pack of nasi lemak on the table. Soon after, the cashier asked for the plate that I used because they wanted to show it to the chef," she added.

The video had since been removed from the woman's TikTok account, but it was re-uploaded on Instagram by a local news portal, sparking a debate among its followers

Some users commented that the banana leaf used to wrap the nasi lemak might not have been cleaned properly before it was served.

"Since when do frogs lay eggs in banana leaves?" another user asked, questioning the woman's claims.

Meanwhile, one user, who is also a nasi lemak seller, commented that she no longer uses banana leaves for her business as they are not hygienic.

"Sometimes we don't know what kind of animals have been sitting on the banana leaf. Maybe a snail or banana skipper. So I just use polystyrene to tapau (wrap) them and put the sambal in a separate plastic," she wrote.

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