M'sians Rally Behind Woman Being Shamed For Swapping Eggs From Different Cartons

"A buyer's attitude that should not be followed," the post read.

Cover image via Penang Kini (Facebook)

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Pictures of a woman allegedly swapping eggs from different cartons at a supermarket has sparked a flurry of comments about whether this behaviour is acceptable or not

The pictures, taken by an unnamed citizen, were submitted to community Facebook page Penang Kini. The page then shared them on 12 June.

"A buyer's attitude that should not be followed," the post read.

The shopper wrote that while at the supermarket to buy groceries, they saw a woman at the eggs shelf and wondered why she was taking a long time there.

"As I stared, I realised something," they went on to say in the post.

"There are still shoppers with this attitude. Picking an egg carton from the shelf and switching the eggs as they please."

Penang Kini then concluded the post by asking for the opinions of netizens.

Malaysians flooded the comments section, most of whom defended the woman's actions

One Facebook user said that as long as the woman switches the eggs with other eggs of the same grade, there should be no problem.

"We have to be smart consumers. We're paying for what we eat," wrote the user.

Image via Facebook

Another noted that chicken eggs are expensive.

"If we are paying, they should be in good condition. There is no problem in choosing. Sometimes we only realise some eggs are cracked after buying them. It would be a waste," read the comment.

Image via Facebook

Some netizens opined that we should just mind our own business in this kind of situation.

One user wrote that, the woman in question is paying with her own money, "Even the supermarket owner is not making a fuss, why should we freak out over this."

Image via Facebook

"If there's time to spare, there is no problem to pick and choose. No matter how long she takes, it is up to her, maybe the eggs were cracked or spoilt. Alahai, you even took the chance to take pictures just to use as content," one netizen pointed out.

Image via Facebook

As of writing, the post has received over 1,100 comments and 2,900 reactions from netizens.

Read the Facebook post here:

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