Overnight Hype For Salted Egg Yolk Croissants In SS2 Turns Ugly After Supply-Demand Chaos

How far are you willing to endure for a handful of 'ham dan' croissants?

Cover image via Instagram / Rebecca Saw

The delectable combo of a warm croissant filled with molten salted egg yolk custard must've really resonated with foodies everywhere, catapulting SS2's Le Bread Days Café to viral stardom when a local food blogger recommended the bakery's specialty in a recent post

Image via Rebecca Saw

The blog post, which was published on 19 November by blogger Rebecca Saw, was widely shared on Facebook among foodies in Malaysia and even Singapore! The post can be found here.

As expected, a lot of people started flocking to the quaint café for a taste of their signature croissants, with the pastries selling out within minutes after they're out of the oven

However, as their business thrived, the café does not seem to be handling customers' demands too well, judging from the 1-star reviews they have been getting on Facebook lately

In a bid to manage customers' expectations, the café had outlined a timetable indicating the exact times new batches of croissants will be made available...

... But customer reviews say otherwise. Several patrons who have visited the café, especially those who have been there for several days straight, alleged that the timings displayed are inaccurate and changes daily.

When enquired, the café's staff simply told them to follow and check for updates on Facebook, which patrons pointed out are not feasible especially for those who do not even use the social media platform

Some even implied that the café is trying to create an illusion of "exclusivity" by locking customers out and letting them queue outside even though there was still space for them to wait inside the shop

That's not all. Customers were also said to have been kept waiting for hours for the next batch of croissants, only to be told that they were sold out when they finally got to the cashier counter.

Rebecca Saw, the writer of the blog post, also chimed in on the outrage. Calling it an "exploitation", she wrote that the café is taking advantage of their product's huge demand by "setting conditions for purchase in a manner convenient for yourself instead of the benefit of your customers".

Saw also posted several photos of herself queueing up for the croissants in the following days after her post went viral.

As for us, we're gonna wait 'til the hype dies down before getting some for ourselves. ;) Meanwhile, we'll go for some salted caramel goodies instead:

Or we'll just whip up some mac 'n' cheese with heaps of salted egg yolk mixed in:

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