Mujahid Now Says He Never Said Anything About Stopping Night Khalwat Raids

According to him, that was "probably added by the paper themselves."

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Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa has now denied an exclusive report by The Star Online, in which he was reported saying that there will be no more night khalwat raids and that religious authorities will stop breaking down doors

According to Mujahid, what was reported by The Star Online on Saturday that he wants to stop Islamic law enforcers from "knocking on doors at night" during khalwat raids did not come from his mouth and "was probably added by the paper themselves".

Image via TMI

Earlier this morning, here's what he told TV Al-Hijrah:

"I did not mention the issue – stopping khalwat raids at night, or (putting a stop to) breaking down doors (by Islamic authorities investigating suspected cases of khalwat or other vice activities). All of it must have come from the editors making their own summary of my statement.

"I only touched on things that are done in public and in private, such as the abuse of power by the authorities who break into a person’s personal, individual sphere, which does not reflect Islamic values.

"If we are suspicious, we will act, but it will be within the confines of the law."

Yesterday, Mujahid was reported saying that what Muslims do behind closed doors is none of the government's business:

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