Mum Bursts Into Tears When Son Announces He’s Finally Graduating After 7 Years

"My parents are not emotional, especially my mom. I thought she would just be happy or say 'congratulations'".

Cover image via Jerue Neuwell Marmol/Twitter

A video showing a mother in the Philippines crying when she found out her son will finally be graduating after seven years, has gone viral

Jerue Neuwell Marmol took to Twitter to share a video of his mother, Liza Gay Marmol, bursting into tears upon finding out her son will finally be graduating. 

According to Coconuts Manila, the event took place at a fast food restaurant in Muntinlupa City, Philippines on 24 August. 

Jerue's video has since received over 372,000 views and 23,600 likes. 

In the two-minute long video, Jerue handed his mom a sablay, a sash that graduate students wear during a convocation

As Liza inspected the sash in the plastic packaging, she asked her son, "I think it's a sablay. Are you graduating?"

The woman broke into tears after Jerue nodded off-camera to her that he will be graduating.

Jerue shared that he did not expect his mother to cry when he passed her the sablay

"I didn't expect that at all. My parents are not emotional, especially my mom. I thought she would just be happy or say 'congratulations,'" the man said in an interview with Coconuts Manila.

Jerue also shared that he did not expect the video to go viral, adding that he does not usually share details of his family online.

"My mama had this genuine reaction at that moment and I can't help but post it online. I didn't expect anything out of my post, but I just wanted to make an appreciation post [for my mama]," he said, adding that he received a lot of heartfelt messages from netizens.

"They said that they were inspired by what I have done for mama and told me about their own academic journey and congratulated me [for graduating]."

According to Jerue, it took him seven years to complete his studies as he failed several subjects such as Algebra and Economics

Jerue shared that after his graduation, he will be taking a short break before seeking for a job in Marketing or Sales. 

He also said that his mother is thrilled to hear that a video of her has gone viral.

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