Penang Mum Shares How An Elderly Customer Tried To Belittle Her Son For Selling Burgers

She noted that no matter the job, everyone deserves to be respected.

Cover image via Everlyn Ong (Facebook) & HeyBroger (Facebook)

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Recently, at her younger son's burger stall in Penang, a mother overheard an elderly customer's remark to his grandson, telling him to study hard, if not he will end up like the woman's son

See? If you don't study hard, you will end up working these tough jobs in the future, you know?

The mother, Everlyn Ong, who recalled the customer's words in her Facebook post, shared that her heart ached at the jibe that belittled her son simply because he was making a living flipping burgers.

According to Everlyn, her son remained quiet and went about his work.

Everlyn is a single mother of two sons

She operates her own popcorn stall, right next to her younger son's burger stall, HeyBroger.

On the day of the incident, after the son sold out his burgers around 8.30pm, Everlyn sat down with him and relayed a few words of encouragement about the elderly customer's jibe.

"Don't pay attention to what others have to say about you. You are really good!" she told her son.

Everlyn with her son at his burger stall, next to which is her popcorn stall.

Image via HeyBroger (Facebook)

In her post, Everlyn also shared that she's very proud of both her sons

According to her, they have managed to make a good living for themselves.

"I'm proud of both my sons for working hard and being able to achieve what they want. It doesn't matter how other people view us, as long as we don't lose faith in ourselves and continue trying," she said.

Everlyn ended her post by noting that no matter the job, everyone deserves to be respected.

The mother's Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering hundreds of supportive comments from well-wishers and other customers

Meanwhile, a kopitian owner in Penang has apologised for publicly shaming a customer for not ordering a drink while eating there:

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