Najib Thinks Only LGBTs, Ghosts, And Drunk People Are Awake Between 11pm And 5am

The former premier was commenting on the government's plan to make four highways toll-free within those hours.

Cover image via NST/Business Insider/Iluminasi (edited)

Former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak has given his two cents on the government's plan to abolish tolls on certain highways between 11pm and 5am

Najib speaks during a campaign event last night for the Semenyih by-election.

Image via Free Malaysia Today

"We go to sleep at 11pm, and if we go out for morning prayers, it would only be after 5am. Who, then, benefits from the toll-free period?" Najib was quoted as saying by The Malaysian Insight yesterday, 25 February. 

The Pekan Member of Parliament (MP) was speaking to a crowd of 200 at a campaign event for the Semenyih by-election last night, 25 February. 

Najib then answered his own question on the people who would be awake in the wee hours

"Only ghosts, drinkers, LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders), and those who are looking for customers, maybe," the former Prime Minister said, according to Free Malaysia Today

"It is illogical, given that the time for no charges is when people go to sleep. We want to give it to people for free when they are conscious, not when they are asleep," he added. 

The former premier also compared the government's plan to the abolishment of tolls under his administration

Najib at the campaign event.

Image via The Malaysian Insight

"Compare this to my time, I abolished 11 tolls although I never promised anything," Najib said, according to Free Malaysia Today. 

"When I say abolish, it means free. Abolish it, freeze, and close it," he added. 

The Pekan MP also called out the government's proposal of a "congestion charge" as "unfair". 

The charge, announced by the Prime Minister's Office, will be implemented where commuters only need to pay for tolls during the "peak period" of the day. 

Four highways will be affected once the government's plan to abolish tolls is implemented. Read more about it here:

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