Napoleon Bonaparte's Iconic Hat Sells For A Record RM10.21 Million At A French Auction

The iconic bicorne belonging to the former French emperor sold for €1.932 million (RM10.21 million).

Cover image via Christophe Ena/AP/The Guardian & Jacques-Louis David

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A hat worn by Napoleon Bonaparte during his reign as French emperor fetched a staggering €1.932 million (RM10.21 million) at an auction in Paris, France

The hat, known as a bicorne, broke previous records for Napoleonic headwear.

Adorned in Napoleon's iconic black with the French flag's blue-white-red insignia, the bicorne was owned by businessman Jean-Louis Noisiez, who passed away in 2022. 

It was bought by a buyer who wishes to remain anonymous

According to The Guardian, Auction house Osenat did not disclose the identity of the buyer.

Additional items from Noisiez's collection, including a Legion of Honour medal and Napoleon's silver spurs, were also auctioned. 

Napoleon was famous for wearing the bicorne sideways

Napoleon was a pivotal figure in French history. He rose to power during the Revolution, serving as first consul, and later becoming emperor in 1804.

The sale of the bicorne precedes the release of Napoleon, Ridley Scott's biopic on the controversial historical figure.

Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Napoleon in the movie, described his character as "socially awkward" yet "romantic".

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