Netizens Are Trying To Figure Out How A Penang Driver Pulled This Off At A Toll Booth

"It's always a Penang driver."

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On 20 May, a netizen took to Twitter to share photos of a car in a tight spot with a toll's boom gate

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The tweet by Jason Ng has garnered over 2,000 retweets at the time of writing.

"You don't ask how, why, when, or where for feats like these," Jason wrote.

"You say WHAT THE F- then go straight to ask "Who?"" he said.

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"And the answer is a Penang driver. It's always a Penang driver," he added.

Twitter users were curious as to how a boom barrier could go through the windows of a car considering its length and close proximity

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. How the hell?!" a netizen replied to the tweet.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

One particularly pessimistic netizen was doubtful the incident even occurred.

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In another tweet, Jason explained just how one finds themselves in a predicament like this.

"The boom is actually flexible," he said.

Since the boom gate bends when hit, it bounced back and entered the car through the side window.

Observant netizens pointed out the 'P' sticker on the car, indicating that the driver has a probationary license

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Nevertheless, Twitter users could not help but still make jokes about Penangites' reputation for poor driving.

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