Netizens Debate Over Viral Video Of A Woman Scratching A Car Parked In Front Of Her House

The driver of the car, however, claimed that it was not blocking the entrance of the woman's house.

Cover image via Bintang Hitam Studios (Facebook)

A post detailing an altercation between a middle-aged woman who scratched a person's car and the car's owner has sparked a heated debate online

Footage on the Facebook post, uploaded by Bintang Hitam Studios, shows the woman seemingly scratch a black Proton Saga parked in front of her house with an object in her right hand.

A separate video, which is believed to have been taken after the woman walked around the vehicle, shows a long scratch mark from the head to the end of the car.

"This woman scratched my vehicle and she doesn't want to admit now. Her action was caught on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera," says a man behind the camera when the neighbour confronted the woman.

In his defence, the man says his car is not blocking the entrance of the woman's house

The man argues that there is ample space in front of her house and that his car is parked quite a distance away from her front gate.

"This is the neighbour next door, where I was working no longer than 30 minutes," he says.

"The road (here) is wide. She said we block her. Do we block her? Even a lorry can enter her house."

The man says he will bring the matter to the court as he has video evidence.

At the time of writing, the post has gone viral with over 4,400 shares.

In the comment section, thousands of netizens were debating who was right and wrong in this incident

Some said the man is in the wrong because he parked his vehicle without politely asking the woman first.

"Abang, when you want to park your car, talk to the aunty nicely. Tell her you want to park your vehicle for a while. Use your manners. The way everyone accepts and reacts to matters is different," wrote a netizen.

"Don't park at other people's space. Park slightly further. You cause a problem, the aunty causes a problem too. How are you going to settle (a matter like this)?" advised a Facebook user.

Another said, "The matter can be resolved, why resort to shouting? You parked at other people's house and you have to respect their rights. If it's me, I will tell the aunty that I will be parking at her house first. That way, I am sure it wouldn't be a problem."

Image via Facebook

One netizen told the man there are parking spaces across the street and asked if he was too lazy to do that.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, on the other side of the argument, some said the aunty is at fault because she took justice into her own hand and destroy someone else's property.

"This aunty is stupid. She's not making sense. Now she has to pay the paint for the vehicle that can go up to RM2,000. She could at least shout 'not to park here'," commented one. 

Another one added in agreement, saying, "The relevant authorities must take action against this aunty and let them investigate the matter with this evidence on social media."

"The main problem is the aunty did something that doesn't make sense at all and she destroyed your property. And it is true that the vehicle wasn't blocking the entrance of the house."

Image via Facebook

However, some netizens said two wrongs do not make one right, contending that both were at fault.

"For me, both are wrong. One parked in front of someone's house, even though it was just for a while but it still blocked a part of the gate. Another one doesn't have any empathy and has malicious intent. Scratching (someone's car) is not the right call. If both of them have common courtesy, this wouldn't have happened," said a person.

Another said, "Both are at fault. Most people don't like other people parking in front of their house. You should talk nicely to them, or next time, put up a 'no parking sign'. It is not good to scratch another person's vehicle."

Image via Facebook

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