Netizens Slam Bubble Gum Wax For Shaming Men Who Have Chest Hair In An IG Post

The popular waxing salon has since changed the caption of their post and addressed the issue.

Cover image via Bubble Gum Wax (Facebook)

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Bubble Gum Wax recently landed in hot water after posting a few photos on their social media accounts which claimed that chest hair on men is deemed unattractive

On 8 August, the popular waxing salon uploaded comparison photos of a man with and without chest hair on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Wording on the photos read, "'Omg, I love your chest hair!' - said no woman ever."

In the original caption that was posted along with the pictures, Bubble Gum Wax wrote, "If a woman said this to you, she's probably just being nice. Cause no, you're not rocking the chest hair, unless you're Wolverine. What you need is a wax! Reveal your sexy pecs and abs at only RM59."

Instagram users criticised the post and called out the business for body shaming

"This is straight-up disrespectful and body shaming. Delete this promptly," one user wrote.

Image via Instagram

Another user commented, "This is beyond unacceptable, guys. With so many comments voicing out their clear disagreement and also pointing out that this is body shaming, I'm sure you can remove this post."

Image via Instagram

"Nah, take this down. You can promote hair waxing without the shaming," said another netizen.

Image via Instagram

Meanwhile, another person noted, "I'm sorry but this is unacceptable as some women, including me, appreciate men with chest hair. I understand it's business but this is not the way to go about it."

Image via Instagram

Bubble Gum Wax then addressed the comments and changed the caption under the photos

The new caption read, "Says no women ever! Okay, maybe some women would say it. It's always a personal preference but if you want to show off your hairless chests then you know where to find us. Just leave a comment below or send us a DM."

Meanwhile, in the comments, Bubble Gum Wax wrote, "We apologise for the late response but our admin was knocked out from the vaccine (psst, please get vaccinated if you can) and it's our admin's off day today. Just to let you know, it's never our purpose to body shame anyone."

"It's just simply a bad joke on our side. We apologise to all men and women who were hurt/affected by the joke. Thank you for your honest feedback to help us improve in the future. We appreciate your concern in helping us. We hope you like our new caption and until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay beautiful. Pray for Malaysia," they added.

During a call with SAYS, Bubble Gum Wax general manager Norhanani Abdullah reiterated that they did not intend to offend anyone with the joke.

She then explained that they will not be taking down the post as they want to be open to comments and criticism from others.

"We can learn from one another," she said.

According to the Ministry of Health, body shaming someone online is a punishable offence under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (Act 588):

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