Shopee Is Changing Their Logistics Services And Netizens Are Not Happy About It

With the change, buyers will no longer be able to choose the logistics provider of their choice.

Cover image via Shopee MY (Facebook) & The Business Times

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Shopee announced that they will be changing their standard service types feature effective Thursday, 17 June

This will allow the online shopping platform to automatically select the best shipping channels to handle orders made by buyers on their site, according to a Facebook post yesterday, 15 June.

Shopee stated in the post that they were committed to regularly upgrading their platform and services to ensure the needs of their buyers and sellers are met with satisfactory results.

Previously, buyers were allowed to choose the logistics provider of their choice.

With the upgrade in effect, buyers will only be allowed to choose from the Standard Services Types and Shopee will be given the authorisation to allocate the optimal logistics provider.

"What does this mean for you as a buyer?"

Shopee listed several perks that come with the change in their delivery services feature for buyers.

The online merchant explained that the upgrade in their delivery feature will:

1. Improve delivery performance and services for customer orders.
2. Ensure effective and efficient delivery management for customer orders. This will done by assigning orders to the best shipping providers based on delivery capacity and delivery performance.
3. Put Shopee in control in order to help prevent delivery delays due to overloading issues faced by shopping providers.
4. Optimise shipping fees to as low as RM2.
5. Allow customers to enjoy free shipping up to 5KG.

According to the Shopee website, shipping fees were last upgraded on 21 May where charges were based on the customer selected Standard Service Type, Seller type, location, and weight.

Orders using their Shopee Express Sellers Standard Delivery Service within Klang Valley were charged RM2 for the first 2KG.

Meanwhile, charges for Shopee's Standard Service Types were last updated on 20 May.

Customers using the Standard Delivery Service in West Malaysia and Economy Delivery Service in East Malaysia were provided with free shipping for 5KG.

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Netizens were unhappy with the change and voiced their frustrations in the comment section of the Facebook post

The customers emphasised the importance of having choices when it comes to choosing their delivery service, especially since they pay for it and expect reliable results.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
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Image via Facebook

When a netizen mentioned that the Shopee Express Delivery Service was slow, the online merchant replied in the same response thread that they were enhancing their platform and services to ensure that the needs of all their stakeholders were adequately met.

"Implementing this system will enable a more effective and efficient management of delivery volume for each service provider, which is aimed at benefiting our users," Shopee added.

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