Men Caught On Video Laughing While Throwing A Cat Into Local Mine Pit Have Been Identified

As the two men fling the cat into the air, the man behind the recording can also be heard laughing and exclaiming proudly.

Cover image via Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook)

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In less than a day, the Malaysia Animal Association has successfully identified the men who were involved in cruelly throwing a cat into a mine pit filled with water

On Thursday, 20 May, the non-governmental organisation (NGO) took to their Facebook page to offer a RM2,000 reward to anyone who could successfully track down the animal abusers.

They wrote, "The act of throwing a cat into a mine like this cannot be forgiven. The cat could have faced death, whether by drowning or getting eaten by predatory fishes."

"Help us identify them, the location, and the voice of the perpetrator and his friends. There may be acquaintances, relatives, colleagues, or neighbours who may know the suspects in this cruel video."

The NGO believed that the incident happened in Johor

In the 16-second video, two men can be seen standing at the edge of the pond as one of them flings a cat into the air.

They both burst out laughing as the cat lands in the water.

Meanwhile, the person recording the video can also be heard laughing. In Mandarin, the man is heard joking, "Walao eh, why are you guys so bad."

He then proudly zooms in to show the helpless cat swimming away.

With the help of the public, around 4pm in the afternoon, the NGO updated that the perpetrators have been identified

"Malaysia Animal Association has received accurate information on the identity of the perpetrators and have extended the information to the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS) in Putrajaya," they wrote, not more than nine hours from their initial post.

They added that the perpetrators' information — complete with names, photos, addresses, and telephone numbers have been obtained.

"Arrests and charges now depend on the investigation by the authorities. Legal matters are under their control."

The NGO thanked the public for successfully gathering information with them and encouraged everyone to continue reporting acts of cruelty against animals to them so they can keep holding abusers accountable for their actions.

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