Nobody Even Bothered To Stop As A Woman Got Hit By A Car And Then Was Run Over By Another

Passersby simply ignored the whole thing as if nothing had happened.

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Warning: The post contains graphic scenes of accident.

A surveillance video of an accident at an intersection in Zhumadian, Henan province shows how passersby completely ignored a woman who is first hit by a car while waiting to cross the road and then gets run over by another

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The video about 1.40 minutes long is horrifying to watch not just because of the severity of the accident but also because nobody who saw the woman first getting hit by a car even bothered to check on her or call for help. They simply walked past her.

As she lies motionless on the road after being hit by a taxi coming from the opposite direction, the pedestrians who saw the accident pretended like nothing had happened.

They moved across the zebra crossing, not one of them stopping to check on her or even trying to stop the traffic as cars drive past the woman's motionless body.

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The woman is eventually run over by an SUV. Still, no passersby came to her rescue.

Except for the female driver of the SUV which stopped after it mowed down the woman's body with both sets of its tires. The female driver came close to check on her.

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It is believed that the woman did not survive the accident

Both the drivers have since been arrested by the police, reported Shanghaiist.

The accident is reminiscent of a similar tragedy in 2016

On 2 November 2016, when a woman was run over twice, no one came to help.

The only person who eventually came to the woman's aid was another woman, that too after a full two minutes had passed since the first hit-and-run accident.

The reason why passersby in China refuse to assist strangers in need has to do with the fact that they fear being falsely linked to the accident by the authorities

Passersby also don't help because there have been cases where people have deliberately gotten hit (or pretended to be hit) by car so they could demand monetary compensation from the driver or claim accidental insurance.

Last year in April, a butt-naked man was spotted lying under a Mercedes-Benz on the streets of Wenling County in the Zhejiang province, pretending to be hit by the car to demand compensation from the female driver.

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