[PHOTOS] Torture Drawings Of North Korea Prison Reveal Horrifying Animal-Like Treatment

A report documenting crimes against humanity committed in North Korea is accompanied by chilling drawings composed by a man who spent six years in one of the country's prison camps.

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A UN Panel Has Accused North Korea Of Crimes Against Humanity, Including Systematic Extermination And Many Other Crimes Such As These:

"murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence, ... and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation."

Kim Jong-un: The UN report accused the North Korean leader of torture, starvation and killings.

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The report is based on a year of public hearings with about 80 witnesses as well as confidential interviews with another 240 victims, including people who'd spent time in North Korean prison camps and experts.

The Report Is Accompanied By Chilling Drawings Composed By A Man Named Kim Kwang-il Who Spent 6 Years In One Of The Country's Prison Camps

News coverage of Kim Kwang-il's drawings comes as United Nations investigators compared the torturous conditions imposed by North Korean officials as Nazi-like in their systematic brutality.

Kim Kwang-il

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Kim, who defected to South Korea in February 2009, got professional artists to draw sketches of his experiences in the gulag prisons, depicting the different aspects of inhuman treatment by the North Korean prison guards.

Below Are Kim's Drawings Accompanied By Details From The Report

Each Of The Drawings Comes With A Title Or Description In Korean. This One Reads: 'In This Position, Called "Pigeon Torture", Prisoners Are Reportedly Beaten On The Chest Until They Vomit Blood.'

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Kim Told The UN That He "Actually Got Worse Treatment Than The Drawings That Are Shown In The Book"

The reports of the sketches involved in the U.N. report come after news that China rejected what it said was ‘unreasonable criticism’ of Beijing in a new UN report on human rights abuses in North Korea, but it would not be drawn on whether it would veto any proceedings in the Security Council to bring Pyongyang to book.

The reaction came as it emerged that prisoners are used as human punchbags during North Korean guards’ martial arts training sessions.

Living North Korean prisoners being used as dummies for martial arts training.

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North Korean security chiefs and possibly even Kim Jong Un, the leader of the country, should face international justice for ordering systematic torture, starvation and killings comparable to Nazi-era atrocities, U.N. investigators said.

Speaking About The "Pigeon Torture", Kim Describes That:

"we are bound to stay in that position until the jailer feels that you have been tortured enough. So the torture goes on until the time has come to the satisfaction of the jailer. This is the pigeon torture. This is a very strange word in Korea and to you. Your hands are bound back and if they tie you like this, your chest comes out forward and in this position you are tortured."

One Of The Drawings By Kim, Simply Titled 'Detention Center' Seems To Depict A Guard Forcing A Prisoner Into A Small Opening In A Wall. Speaking About Which, Kim Says:

"[H]e had to crawl on his hands and knees into the cell he shared with 40 other prisoners, because the entrance door was only about 80 cm high. The guards told him that 'when you get to this prison you are not human, you are just like animals, and as soon as you get to this prison, you have to crawl just like animals.'"

This One Is Titled As "Scale, Airplane, Motorcycle." The UN Reports That Prisoners Had To Stay In Painful Stress Positions With Arms Extended Until They Collapsed Out Of Exhaustion.

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Kim told the panel, "We are supposed to think there’s an imaginary motorcycle and we are supposed to be in this position as if we are riding the motorcycle. And for this, we pose as if we are airplanes ourselves. We are flying. And if we stand like this there’s no way that you can hold that position for a long time. You are bound to fall forward. Everybody in the detention centre goes through this kind of this torture."

This Drawing Depicts Prisoners Foraging Among Live Wild Animals. In The Korean Description: 'Out Of Starvation And Hunger, Find Snakes And Rats And You Eat Them.'

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This One's A Drawing Of Corpses Being Left In The Gulag: 'The Mice Eat The Eyes, Nose, Ears, And Toes Of The Corpses.'

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The UN Report explains that "the State has used food as a means of control over the population .... The State has also used deliberate starvation as a means of control and punishment in detention facilities. This has resulted in the deaths of many political and ordinary prisoners."

The Prisoners Were Brought To The Prison Camps In Train Wagons Originally Meant To Carry Animals. This Drawing Shows The Corpses Are Taken To The Crematorium.

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This One Depicts The "Pump torture". In This Torture, After Sitting, You Stand About A Hundred Times."

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Kim's Last Drawing Depicts A 'Solitary Confinement Punishment. Capturing Mice From Inside The Cell'. Routinely, The Prisoners Would Have To Catch Mice, Snakes And Rats, In Order To Be Able To Eat.

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"During the 10 months he spent in detention, Kim was given so little food that his weight dropped from 75 kilograms to 36 kilograms. In order to make him confess, he was beaten with clubs, while hanging upside down."

And To Coincide With The UN Report, Human Rights Watch Has Released This Video Featuring Horrific Tales From The Gulags:

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Prison camp survivors describe the systematic use of beatings, rape, food deprivation, forced abortions, and public executions as means to control those kept there.

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