One Of Them Was Kicked Out Of UiTM For Being "Inappropriately Dressed". Guess Who?

As one commenter put it, what should have been a celebration of achievements was marred by small mindedness on UiTM's part.

Cover image via Marjorie Abdullah

Marjorie Abdullah, who was in Shah Alam to attend her daughter's graduation at UiTM, was kicked out by the public university because she was "inappropriately dressed".

What was she wearing? She is the one in the middle:

Marjorie flew all the way from Sarawak for the graduation, but UiTM refused to allow her to enter. She commented on her Facebook post that she "wasn't supposed to wear pants."

She wasn't aware of the baju kurung dress code in her daughter's invitation card as she was in Sarawak.

Angry with the treatment meted out to her, Marjorie's daughter along with her fiancé refused to attend their own graduations.

What is UiTM's dress code for female guests?

Dress code for female guests:-
1. National costume or
2. Formal or decent (gowns or skirts above the knees, sleeveless blouse and T-shirts are NOT ALLOWED).
3. Pants are in no way permitted.

UiTM's guideline for male graduates:

Image via UiTM

UiTM's guideline for female graduates:

Image via UiTM

Meanwhile, UiTM's decision not to allow Marjorie hasn't gone down well with people who are now sharing her Facebook post and voicing out against the public university. Here's a few examples:

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