"Only White Rice And Gravy" – Woman Asks MOE To Investigate Sad RMT Meals In School

"I do not know who is wrong here. But I think it should be investigated why food like this is being given to RMT recipients," said the concerned grandaunt.

Cover image via Facebook & New Straits Times

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On Wednesday, 19 January, a woman was shocked to find her grandniece's school in Kajang was serving only white rice and gravy to its Supplementary Food Programme (RMT) recipients

Taking to Facebook to share a photo of the packet, the woman questioned if the government has allocated enough funds to the food asisstance programme that was implemented to help students from rural and low income families since the 80s.

"My grandniece brought this RMT food back home to her mother. It's so sad," she wrote.

"What food are they giving to the children in school? Is the RMT allocation so little that the canteen operator has to provide food like this to the children?"

Image via Facebook

The Facebook user said her grandnieces and grandnephews — who are RMT recipients — have complained about the food before, but she told them to be grateful for the aid

They told her that the food "was not tasty", but it did not occur to her that they would be served such innutritious meals.

"I do not know who is wrong here. But I think it should be investigated why food like this is being given to RMT recipients," said the concerned grandaunt.

Tagging Education Minister Dr Radzi Jidin and former education minister Dr Maszlee Malik on her post, she said the fault did not lie on the canteen operator alone if the Ministry of Education (MOE) has imposed a tight budget.

While hoping the pack of rice is an isolated incident, she added that the issue has also been brought up to the school's Parents and Teachers Association (PIBG) for investigation.

The photo of the meal with only white rice and gravy has gone viral, garnering over 3,400 shares since it was uploaded

Many netizens expressed pity for the RMT recipients in the undisclosed school.

"I'm so sad to see this. The protein and vegetables, all aren't enough," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"Sad. The price of things are rising, but the cost price of RMT meals is still RM2.50. Pity the students and pity the canteen operators too," commented another.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, two other parents said this has happened to their children before.

"My child's school is the same too, kak! They came back and told me that many [students] who received the food didn't eat them because they weren't good," said one.

Image via Facebook

The other shared a photo of her son's RMT food, which also showed a pack of rice, two slices of carrot, and a small piece of chicken.

"This is the proof," said the mother. "Before this, he brought back nasi lemak. I tried to eat it. Allahu, it was sad. I'm thinking about the underprivileged children who actually depend on RMT but are given this food. Teachers have also complained about the students getting food like this."

Image via Facebook

Education Minister Dr Radzi Jidin has said he is taking the online allegation seriously

In a Facebook post responding to the issue today, 20 January, he wrote that the ministry will be investigating the claim and identifying the school involved.

"MOE will not compromise on matters involving the welfare of students," he said.

In November last year, a teacher heartbreakingly found out a student was coming to school just to redeem her RMT meals:

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