Orphaned SPM Graduate With Hole In His Heart Runs Nasi Lemak Business To Help Injured Aunt

The teenager wakes up as early as 3am to prepare around 150 packs of nasi lemak, which he sells for RM1.20 per pack.

Cover image via ChannelFS (Facebok) & Ahmad Awaluddin/Sinar Harian

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In order to help his aunt, a teenager in Kuala Kangsar, Perak decided to sell nasi lemak for a living rather than continue his studies at the tertiary level

The teenager, 18-year-old Ahmad Awaluddin Idris, cooks nasi lemak and sambal tumis every morning to sell at a petrol station near his home, reported Harian Metro.

Ahmad is also an orphan whose father passed when he was two years old, while his mother, Surana Ariffin, died of pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) when he was 10.

The SPM graduate, on the other hand, suffers from congenital heart disease (hole in the heart) and airway abnormalities.

His aunt, Surani Ariffin, more affectionately known as Mak Yang, has been caring for him since his parents' passing.

Surani, a single mother of two, has been financially supporting their family by selling food in front of their house, where Ahmad has helped her since he was 12 years old.

However, Surani was unable to continue running her business due to a recent accident that resulted in a broken leg

"To sustain our livelihood, I decided to take charge and cook every morning, despite having regular medical check-ups at Penang Hospital every two to six months," said Ahmad.

Despite passing all subjects in the SPM examination, Ahmad has chosen entrepreneurship over higher education.

The teenager also revealed that he studied cooking while he was in secondary school.

Ahmad now wakes up as early as 3am to prepare around 150 packs of nasi lemak, which he sells for RM1.20 per pack

"I want to continue Mak Yang's work. I have an interest in business as well. She has taken care of me so well, and I want to repay her kindness," he expressed.

If you would like to support Ahmad's business, you can contact him at +6017-5514851.

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