Owner Covers Dog With Tattoos To "Protect It From Cancer"

The bull terrier appears to have five tattoos.

Cover image via Metro

An image has surfaced online showing a pet dog that appears to have tattoos on its nose, ears, and next to its eyes

Image via Metro

The bull terrier appears to have tattoos of an anchor, a knuckleduster and a diamond on its nose. It also has star tattoos just underneath its eyes and the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team on both ears.

Its owner, a tattoo artist from Brazil, has been accused of animal cruelty over the picture

Tattoo artist Emerson Damasceno.

Image via Metro

According to The Sun, Damasceno quickly deleted the picture after a Brazilian lawyer spotted it and shared it on social media.

He insisted that the tattoos had only been put there because he believed they would "protect the animal from cancer"

The terrier before it got inked.

Image via Metro

His girlfriend also defended him and claimed the dog was only inked after being seen by vets in the city of Posos de Caldas, Brazil.

However, vets have come forward and claimed that the tattoos have no obvious benefits and it even might cause problems

It is unclear if police are currently investigating the incident for animal cruelty.

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