Remember The MARA Scholar Jailed In The UK For Possessing Child Pornography? He Is Back

As per TRP, Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin is back in Malaysia beneath a cloak of secrecy.

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A former MARA scholar who made headlines after he was sentenced to a 5-year jail sentence in the UK for possessing child pornographic materials, Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, after being convicted of paedophilia, dropped from the media's radar.

However, as per a report in The Rakyat Post (TRP), the "math genius" who was a third-year student at the prestigious Imperial College in London has secretly been brought home to Malaysia.

24-year-old Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin.

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In a report published on 2 December, The Rakyat Post reported that the 24-year-old has been released by UK authorities and has returned to Malaysia "albeit beneath a cloak of secrecy".

However, it is not clear whether he returned to his hometown in Perak or moved to another location in the country, the report said.

Those in the know remain tight-lipped and declined comment when posed questions surrounding the former Mara scholar, as it has attracted unwarranted attention.

"It would seem the young man has been released and deported home by UK authorities. His academic future is as good as gone, but there are other issues which need to be addressed," a source told The Rakyat Post.

What would the future hold for Nur Fitri?

"The police may have announced that Nur Fitri could come under surveillance, but the fact remains that there is no sex offender directory in Malaysia. Nur has he been compelled to seek treatment (psychological) in the United Kingdom or here," The Rakyat Posted quoted an unnamed source as saying.

The report also claimed that discussions over whether Nur Fitri can be rehabilitated are underway and there are those who have differing opinions.

"Whether it was mere downloads of explicit material, possession, distribution, this case has been brought out in the open and there should be concerns. Many are arguing that such individuals need constant supervision and counselling while others feel such forms of addiction make it difficult to kick the habit. Many fail to realise that there is no legislation which makes it mandatory for such sex offenders to seek treatment or rehabilitation, it's voluntary," an unnamed legal source explained to The Rakyat Post.

Many on social media, caught unaware as they're under the impression that the paedophile was locked behind bars in the UK for 5 years, reacted with surprise to the news of his return home.

However, according to a 3 December report in the Malaysian Digest, the UK Court had revised Nur Fitri's prison term to a mere nine months in May this year after appeals were submitted.

On a May 2 Facebook posting, MARA chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa had announced that Nur Fitri was handed an original 18-month jail sentence which was then reduced to nine months. "The courts took into consideration the letter from his mathematics professor Sebastian, letters from the Embassy, psychiatric reports and his good behaviour in jail. The sentence was then reduced to nine months,” Annuar had said, as reported by a local English news daily in May 6 this year.

"We have confirmed this... five years may have been the original verdict," MARA corporate communications director Rohayah Mohd Zain had also confirmed the MARA chairman statement in stating that Nur Fitri would be eligible to be deported back to Malaysia once he served at least half or two-thirds of his sentence in the UK, starting from when he was convicted in November 21, 2014.

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