Pandan Cake Is Officially One Of CNN's Favourite Cakes

Fragrant, spongy goodness!

Cover image via YouTube/Pandan Chiffon Cake - Singapore - Recipe By ZaTaYaYummy

CNN recently announced 17 of their favourite cakes from around the world, and Malaysia's traditional pandan cake made it into the list!

Image via Miss Tam Chiak

While the origins of the fragrant, spongy pandan cake remains a little vague, most claim that it is the revolutionised version of the traditional chiffon cake with Dutch and English influence

The fluffy, green sponge cake is combined with the flavours of the fragrant (pandanus amaryllifolius leaves) screwpine leaves and is popular in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Pandan cake is light, airy, and the merriment of flavours is just right, without being too sweet.

Along with our pandan cake, popular cakes like the decadent Italian tiramisu, buttery Indonesian lapit legit, and Turkey's buttery and syrupy baklava too, were selected as some of the most delicious cakes in the world

Italian tiramisu cake.

Image via Delallo

Turkish baklava.

Image via Ozan Kose/Getty Images

Cakes have been around for centuries and are said to be a modification of breads that have since evolved into some of the most loved desserts in the world with its daring, irresistible flavours.

If you can think of a flavour, there's probably a cake for it. There are even nasi lemak-flavoured cheesecakes in Malaysia!

Synonymous with celebrations and a known popular spirit lifter, CNN says that "few bad moods cannot be temporarily cured by several forkfuls of the sweet stuff". Here are some of the other popular cakes that made it into the list:

Swedish Princess Cake (Prinsesstarta)

Image via Vete-Katten

Indonesia's Lapis Legit cake.

Image via Harlie Lapis Legit

Tres Leches Cake

Image via My Golden Pear

The Swedish Princess Cake (Prinsesstarta) is so popular in Sweden to the point that it even has a whole week dedicated to it in the last week of September. Prinsesstarta is basically made up of the deletable layering of sponge, jam, custard, and whipped cream and coated with a sheet of marzipan.

Meanwhile, our Indonesian neighbour's airy lapis legit has been described as "sweet, moist, and firm" - a cake that is made by stacking up 18 fluffy sponge cakes and only uses the finest Dutch butter, Wijsman. CNN recommends the famous Harlie Lapis Legit store to sample the best layered cake in the country.

Known as the cake that 'can make grown men swoon and giggle', the Mexican tres leches cake (three milks cake), is soaked in three different kinds of milk and generously topped with rich whipped cream.

If all this talk of cakes has got you craving for more desserts, check out these lists:

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