Pantai Hospital Is Still Under Fire For Its 'Racist' Ad Following Its Apology

"How could you blame the staff?"

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Pantai Hospital in Sungai Petani, Kedah has recently apologised for putting up a scholarship advertisement containing "racist" remarks

"We take full responsibility for this mistake and give our assurance that it will not occur again," read the statement posted on its Facebook page on 18 February.

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The scholarship advertisement, which has since been removed, expressed that it preferred Chinese, Siamese, Christian, and Indian applicants.

According to the hospital's management, the banner was put up by staff without prior approval and "does not reflect the values of [the] organisation

"We corrected the information immediately after realising the mistake," the statement read.

Pantai Hospital's director of nursing Katini Abu Hassan released a press statement on 20 February, saying that they were "truly remorseful" over the incident. 

"[What] started out as a thoughtful gesture to ensure we have the right balance of staff, particularly during festive periods, has resulted in unintended discrimination. It is never our intention to discriminate – our workplace has a diverse community," the statement read.

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The management affirmed the hospital's commitment to fair employment practices and emphasised that its hiring process is based on strength and merit of the candidate.

Following the apology, netizens have called out the hospital for pinning the blame on the staff

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Many others have since stated that they are boycotting the hospital.

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