Parents Want Teacher To Be Barred From Teaching After She Caned Their 9-Year-Old Daughter

The 9-year-old's mistake? She drank water without seeking the teacher's permission.

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38-year-old Saw Say Wei and his wife, the parents of a 9-year-old girl who was allegedly physically abused by her class teacher for drinking water without permission during class, is urging the Education Ministry to ban the teacher from teaching any further

Saw Say Wei with his wife and Senai assemblywoman Wong Shu Qi.

Image via The Star Online

The girl's father, who works as an engineering manager, in a press conference organised by Senai assemblywoman Wong Shu Qi on 19 July said his heart sank at the sight of his daughter's bruises on her bottom and palms when she got home from school on 1 July

"My wife and I were at work in Singapore when my parents-in-law called to inform us that our daughter was badly bruised. We quickly went to see the school's headmaster to find out what happened,” he told reporters during a press conference here on Sunday.

According to the father, the teacher admitted to caning his daughter three times on her bottom and twice on her palm for the sole reason of not seeking permission before drinking water, The Start reported

"I was furious at the excuse given, so I lodged a complaint at the police station and the district's Education Department,” said Saw.

He added that although the teacher has since tendered his resignation, he was afraid that the teacher would be transferred to another school.

"I am afraid that the Ministry will just transfer him to another school and another child might become a victim of his violence," he added.

Lending her support, Senai assemblywoman Wong Shu Qi urged the ministry to ensure that the teacher is banned from all schools

Image via Wong Shu Qi

Wong added that the Ministry should conduct psychiatric tests on educators to ensure that they are competent when it comes to teaching children.

Meanwhile, reacting to the news posted on The Star's Facebook page, readers have flooded the comment section, with most of them being divided over banning the teacher and supporting her

Screenshot of comments posted on The Star's Facebook page.

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Here are some ideas, which can help Malaysia take a major leap towards a more world-class level of education:

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