Tenants In Parkson Maju Junction Moving Out As Netizens Speculate Its Impending Closure

Some shoplots were already vacant earlier this month.

Cover image via Harian Metro

It all began when the Parkson outlet in Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall announced that it was moving on Friday, 12 January

Located at the intersection of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the mall is owned and has been operated by Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd ever since the group took over management in 2014. 

The Parkson department store, along with the gourmet supermarket, 'Foodpark Supermarket by Parkson' were anchor tenants in the mall. According to the latter's post on Facebook today, 15 January, it is moving to a new location, namely Parkson M Square Mall in Puchong, Selangor. 

Many tenants in Parkson Maju Junction began moving out earlier this month, with some choosing to shut down their business

Image via Harian Metro

In a report by Harian Metro published on Thursday, 11 January, it was said that some lots in the shopping centre were already vacant with notices of closure put up on the storefronts. 

Despite being situated in a high-traffic area, it was learned that the mall foot traffic had steadily declined since about a year ago.

It was reported that the falling retail sales have affected businesses such as eateries, fast food restaurants, as well as kiosks selling tudungs and phone accessories.

The mall tenants were apparently choked by low sales

Image via Harian Metro

Zarina, who ran a clothing business from a kiosk in the mall, said that she decided to close shop as it was difficult to even earn RM100 a day.

According to her, she had many customers when she first opened her store about two years ago, but patrons stopped coming in over the last year. She added that it is also possible that stiff competition from other cheaper clothing stores in the vicinity such as in Medan Mara and Sogo could have caused shoppers to go elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a restaurant worker known as Fatimah told Harian Metro that her employer had resorted to closing the shop because the amount of sales was not enough to pay the monthly rent.

"There is no denying that the sluggish sales had led my employer to make this decision. How is it enough when the sales are not enough to cover the monthly rent," the woman in her 40s said, adding that she was concerned that she might lose her job.

There has not been any official announcement on the mall's closure so far. However, a vendor stated on social media that she was given a notice to move out last week, while several netizens said that the mall will be closing down on 18 January.

Image via Facebook

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