Dr Azman Ibrahim Says Women Are Like "Items"

Jabi assemblyperson Dr Azman Ibrahim used the analogy of how "packaging" determines the monetary value of an "item" to suggest that "inappropriately" dressed women don't have much value just like an exposed item that is sold by the roadside.

Cover image via Harakahdaily

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A PAS leader today, 7 February, suggested how "inappropriately" dressed women are like exposed "items" that are sold by the roadside

Dr Azman Ibrahim, the Terengganu Agriculture, Food Industry, Plantation, Commodity, and Rural Development Committee chairperson, took to Twitter to use an analogy to liken women to items.

According to him, "packaging" determines the monetary value of "expensive items" to suggest that "inappropriately" dressed women don't have value just like exposed items that are sold by the roadside.

The PAS leader was referring to a report in Sinar Harian which quoted DAP's Bentong member of parliament (MP) Young Syefura Othman urging police to carry out their duties without prejudice and sexism.

Young Syefura was commenting on a recent incident at the Kajang police station, where a woman was denied entry because she was "wearing shorts". The woman was there to lodge a police report.

"I am urging the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to perform their duty without prejudice, and not be sexist towards women. Those who go to a police station are those in need of help. Their attire should not be an issue. PDRM's job is to safeguard peace and security, not be the rakyat's moral police," she said.

The woman was only allowed entry after she called her sister to bring her a pair of long pants.

What did Azman tweet?

"Expensive items of high value will be packaged cutely and neatly," he began his tweet in Bahasa Melayu.

"The method of packaging (the way an item is packaged) plays a huge role in its marketing aspect. If an item is sold exposed by the roadside, it's like a cheap counterfeit," he added.

In a follow-up tweet, Azman then went on to state that he finds it unbelievable that there are still those who believe that a person should not be judged by their appearance or the clothes they wear.

Azman's sexist stance was immediately called out by Malaysians

Several called him "stupid" despite his "doctor" tag.

While others shared former inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan's views on the incident.

Responding to current IGP Tan Sri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, who insisted that people must be dressed "appropriately" while visiting police stations, Musa pointed out that no one would actually go to the police station to lodge reports unless they have to because they need police assistance.

"It doesn't matter how one should dress. It is the duty of the police to receive reports in whatever situation."

After being called out, Azman, however, doubled down on his analogy

This time, he took to his Facebook account to share multiple proverbs to justify his tweet.

Speaking of sexism, local actress Daiyan Trisha called out people, who accused her of having a "sugar daddy":

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