This 'Pastor' Claims He Can Cure Cancer And HIV By Spraying Pesticides Into People's Faces

He only uses a specific brand of pesticides.

Cover image via Dailymail

A South African 'pastor' claimed that he can heal people by spraying a brand of pesticides called 'Doom' into the faces of his followers

Rabalago spraying pesticides on the face of a follower.

Image via MZGA

Lethebo Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA) in Limpopo, has openly posted photographs of him on Facebook spraying congregants with pesticides to heal ailments like backache to terminal illnesses like cancer and HIV.

Rabalago said that God had told him to use Doom, and that he had healed countless people using it

Image via MZGA

According to South African news site Times Live, the 24-year-old man said the rationale behind his unorthodox method was "to prove that everything is possible with God."

He also told the BBC that he had sprayed the face of one woman because she had an eye infection and claimed the woman was "just fine because she believed in the power of God."

Tiger Brands, the company that produces Doom, has warned people the product is not designed to be sprayed at or even near people

Image via Woolworths

"Doom has been formulated to kill specific insects which are detailed on the cans, and the packaging has very clear warnings which must be adhered to," said the brand as quoted by The Daily Mail.

A South African government commission has urged people to complain if they suffer as a result.

Rabalago insisted that no one was injured, but declined to say how many devotees attend his church or how many were healed

Image via MZGA

"Doom is just a name, but when you speak to it to become a healing product, it does. People get healed and delivered through doom," a post on MZGA's Facebook page reads.

As expected, many social media users have condemned his antics

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