PayPal Accidentally Made This Man The Richest Man in The World

PayPal, the online money- transfer company, has accidentally credited a man in Delaware a whopping $92,233,720,368,547,800, making him by far the richest man in the world. Although, for a little while only.

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PayPal accidentally credits this man a whopping $92,233,720,368,547,800, making him by far the richest man in the world!

Chris Reynolds, 56, said he was shocked when he received his monthly statement via e-mail from PayPal last week, with an ending balance of $92 quadrillion, over a million times richer than the world's richest man, Carlos Slim.

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READ: How the PayPal accidentally made the man in above segment 'the richest man in the world'

Oops! PayPal, the online money-transfer company, has accidentally credited a man in Delaware a whopping $92,233,720,368,547,800, making him by far the richest man in the world.

Chris Reynolds of Delaware isn’t exactly what you’d describe as a PayPal power user. He says he spends under $100 each every month on stuff like vintage car parts. The most he’d ever made—until recently—was around $1,000 selling a pair of old BMW tires.

Some people might have cruised PayPal’s T&Cs and been disappointed that at least a few million of that wouldn’t stick around in their balance after PayPal realized the error. But Reynolds is just psyched to have his balance back at $0.

Chris Reynolds' PayPal account statement for June, seen here, suggested Reynolds had $92 quadrillion. PayPal later apologized and said there had been a glitch. Courtesy of Chris Reynolds

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Reynolds said he has been a PayPal customer for about 10 years and uses it to buy and sell items on eBay, including vintage car parts. He said he usually spends no more than $100 a month using PayPal.

After absorbing the initial shock, Reynolds logged on to PayPal's site and saw that his balance was listed there as $0.

What Chris Reynolds said about the incident

The 56-year-old public relations executive from Media, Pa., says he was shocked to see “a number with a lot of digits” when he opened his PayPal statement for June.

For a moment, Mr. Reynolds thought he owed someone $92 quadrillion, or 5,411 times the national debt.

“That was sobering,” he says.

Since the brief blunder, Reynolds, who works at the PR firm he co-founded with his wife (Reynolds Ink), says he has had some time to think about what he would have done with $92 quadrillion.

The first thing he would have spent the money on was not a sports car, a vacation home, or even an early retirement.

“I’d want to pay down the US’ national debt. That’s been really bugging me,” Reynolds says.

What the PayPal said about the incident

PayPal has admitted the error and offered to donate an unspecified amount of money to a cause of Reynolds' choice.

'This is obviously an error and we appreciate that Mr. Reynolds understood this was the case,' CNN quoted PayPal as saying in a statement.

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