TIME Magazine Has Listed Penang As One Of The Most Budget-Friendly Destinations In Asia

In an article titled '10 Amazing Asian Vacations That Won't Cost a Fortune'.

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Penangites, here's one more thing to be proud of!

Acclaimed news magazine TIME has listed the island state as one of the most affordable destinations in Asia for western travellers.

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The magazine recently ran an article titled '10 Amazing Asian Vacations That Won't Cost a Fortune', featuring the cheapest and most satisfying holiday destinations in Asia.

According to the article, the cost to spend a week for two in Penang is USD2,669 (RM11,399)

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"Some of the state's diverse attractions include white sandy beaches, large resorts, quiet fishing villages, and a bustling urban center," the magazine said.

It also noted that hotel room prices have dropped in recent times - averaging USD80 (RM342) a night, according to Hotels.com. In addition, airfare has plummeted even further, dipping 16% year over year to USD916 (RM3,925) roundtrip.

Penang's world-famous street food was mentioned as well

Penang's famous char koay kak dish.

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"The city is also home to some of the best food in Southeast Asia: Try it for yourself at the LG Baru or New Lane Hawker Stalls, where you can sample the char koay kak, a fried dish of rice cakes, egg, and pickled vegetables."

The magazine also recommended places of interest including the Penang National Park and the Blue Mansion, a beautiful heritage hotel built in 1880.

The Blue Mansion.

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"To understand the region’s East-meets-West design blend, tour the Blue Mansion, a beautiful heritage hotel built in 1880. Also worth visiting are two impressive clan houses, Khoo Kongsi and Cheah Kongsi, where you’ll see large murals, ceramic sculpture, and stunning architectural design," the magazine said in the article on its website.

Other places which made it into the list are Xi'an, Chiang Mai, Hoi An, Taipei, Siem Reap, Kathmandu, Bali, Chennai, and Luang Prabang

To make the preceding selections, TIME weighed approximately 2,000 data points for almost 50 of the most popular destinations in Asia. Then they ranked the 10 cities that scored best on overall cost factors, giving the most weight to the price of airfare, lodging, and food, as well as the biggest year-over-year price drops.

Check out the full list here.

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