"RM3! RM3!" - Penang Hotel Manager Takes To Selling Food On Busy Road To Survive MCO

He said the initiative is to help the hotel as well as the staff during this pandemic.

Cover image via @bernamadotcom (Twitter)

A hotel manager in George Town, Penang has gone the extra mile to help his company survive the Movement Control Order (MCO)

According to a video by Bernama, Red Rock Hotel manager Jeffrey Lim has been holding a signboard by the roadside to promote his hotel's new food takeaway service.

"RM3! RM3!" the manager calls out on Macalister Road in the busy city centre to invite road users in.

According to Lim, the hotel has been forced to find other sources of income during this difficult time

He told Bernama that there has been no hotel bookings at all during the MCO.

"This to help the staff and the hotel to survive the COVID-19 pandemic," he said.

In the video, the small stall by the roadside promoted by Lim offers bee hoon, fried rice, and chicken rice on sale for RM3.

Meanwhile, the rest of the three-star hotel's chefs and employees can be seen preparing more food options for customers in larger stalls set up outside on the hotel compound.

The manager said he was forced to do this as the government has yet to draw up plans for the dying hotel and tourism industry

The dire situation of the industry has been an issue persistently brought up by Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) chief executive officer Yap Lip Seng.

Yap told New Straits Times that the COVID-19 situation now is worse compared to March 2020 when the first MCO was enforced, and they are expecting a bigger impact this year.

Watch Lim promoting his hotel's business by the roadside here:

Remember to #JustStayAtHome. Watch the latest update on the COVID-19 situation here.

The tourism industry saw many casualties during the first MCO:

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