Penang Naked Man Prayed To His Neighbour's Clothes Before Stealing Panties

A police report has been lodged against the man.

Cover image via 头条快讯/Facebook

A naked man was filmed praying to his neighbour's clothes in Penang yesterday, 10 April

Sin Chew Daily reported that the incident occurred in Taman Sukun, Bukit Mertajam. 

A video of the man's antics, which was uploaded onto Facebook yesterday, has since gone viral. 

The man was on his knees outside his neighbour's house while holding up joss sticks

According to Kwong Wah, the man then walked back to his house and attempted to pull his neighbour's drying rack closer to him. 

He retrieved panties from the drying rack, but returned them several moments later. 

The man also attempted to steal a bra but to no avail.

The victim, who filmed the incident, has since lodged a police report against the man

According to Sin Chew Daily, the man was known to have a history of peculiar behaviour.

The victim claimed that it was possible the man had tried on the panties he took from the drying rack prior to returning them. 

A video of the incident can be viewed here:

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