Two Penang Students Will Have Asteroids Named After Them For Winning A Chemistry Award

Melwin Cheng Choon Lei and Tham Yong Shiang from SMJK Chung Ling emerged champions in the Chemistry category of Intel ISEF.

Cover image via PIBG CLHS/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

Two 16-year-old students from SMJK Chung Ling, Penang will have asteroids named after them for their success at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019 (Intel ISEF)

Tham Yong Shiang and Melwin Cheng Choon Lei.

Image via PIBG CLHS/Facebook

The Star reported that the students, Melwin Cheng Choon Lei and Tham Yong Shiang, will have their legacies extend into the final frontier.

The fair had taken place from 12 to 17 May in Arizona, United States.

The two bright students had emerged champions in the Chemistry category of Intel ISEF for their cost-friendly and eco-friendly Aedes mosquito larvicide

Image via China Press

According to the event programme, the duo had used the crude extract of cassia cinnamon - also known as "Chinese cinnamon" - to develop the larvicide.

"We looked for information and research, and found that the natural ingredients in cinnamon can eliminate cockroaches, so we started the refining process," Cheng explained to China Press.

Tham added that insecticide would cost 90% cheaper than typical insecticides.

The process of naming the asteroids will take over a year

The naming process will have to go through procedures set by the International Astronomical Union, reported The Star.

What an astronomical achievement!

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