Penangite Buys RM5,000 Worth Of Food From A Ramadan Bazaar And Shares It With Others

He gave away the food he bought to the other shoppers at the bazaar.

Cover image via Muhammad Iddin Syah Mohd Fuzi/Harian Metro & Baharom Bakar/New Straits Times

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A Penangite's kind deed of buying RM5,000 worth of goods from a Ramadan bazaar in Seberang Jaya went viral yesterday, 22 April

The young man, Muhammad Iddin Syah Mohd Fuzi, decided to buy the large amount of food due to his concern about the fate of traders at the Ramadan bazaar, reported Harian Metro.

Not only did the 27-year-old spend a large amount of money supporting the traders, he even distributed the food to other shoppers at the Ramadan bazaar.

A video of his kind deed was shared by a stranger on Twitter, where it has since gone viral, with netizens praising the man for his caring nature.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

Image via Penang Kini (Facebook)

According to Muhammad Iddin, what he did was out of sincerity and that he did not expect any attention

He explained that what he did was not to show off, but rather to use the profits he had made from his business this Ramadan to give back to the community.

Muhammad Iddin mentioned that he had only shared the video on his Instagram profile but was shocked to see that it had gone viral on Twitter.

"I am thankful if (the public) see the initiative with a positive mindset. Some did criticise me and claimed that I was showing off, but that is their personal assessments," he told Harian Metro.

"Lately, it has been raining heavily in the evening and I wonder what if the food and drinks are not sold out," he added as one of his concerns

Muhammad Iddin — who is a beauty product entrepreneur — said that his heart was touched every time he sees the traders' determination to earn a living at the Ramadan bazaars, especially during rainy days.

"Every time I come home from work, I pass by the Ramadan bazaar, my heart worries about the traders who struggle to make a living in the heavy rain," he added

He was worried that traders would often not be able to sell the food and drinks due to the heavy downpour.

The entrepreneur went on to say, "So, what's wrong with me buying as a show of support to traders who operate in Ramadan bazaars this year after the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year."

"In our blessings, there are also other people's blessings," he lamented.

Watch the video of Muhammad Iddin doing the kind act here:

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