26-Year-Old Cuts Off His Penis Because It Was Of 'No Use' To Him

The depressed 26-year-old worked long hours and believed there was no chance of ever finding a partner. Sigh.

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26-year-old Yang Hu sliced off his penis since he 'had no use for it'

Yang Hu was supposedly so depressed by his lacking love life that in a moment of desperation, he cut off his penis.

Shortly after his amateur amputation, the 26-year-old had second thoughts and quickly got to a hospital in hopes of getting his sex organ reattached. Actually "quickly" is the wrong word since he went to the hospital by riding his bicycle.

To make matters worse -- rather than prep him for immediate surgery, doctors told him to get on his bike again and go home because he FORGOT to bring it with him.

Yang Hu cycled to hospital after severing his own penis

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When Yang Hu eventually arrived back at the hospital with the severed member, doctors told him that it had been without blood for too long, and it was impossible to reattach it.

Hu’s friends say he became depressed after moving to Jiaxing and working long hours

Yang's friends said that he had been increasingly depressed about the fact that since moving to the city he could not find a girlfriend.

They said that his long hours working in a clothing factory in Jiaxing, in Zhejiang province in east China, meant he he doubted he would ever have a chance to meet a woman.
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Yang's friends have criticised doctors at the hospital and have claimed had they provided him with an ambulance he might have managed to get home quicker and his penis may have been reattached.

He made the decision to amputate his penis because he thought it would make him stop thinking about his non-existent love life.

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This is not the first time being alone has lead to extreme behavior among 20-something individuals

In recent research presented by The Guardian, found that 86 percent of young people feel the pressure to succeed in their relationships, finances and jobs before hitting 30.

For some, however, the pressure becomes to much to handle, as in the case with Yang Hu. The Guardian also reports that most young people find it hard to balance their work life while juggling their multiple relationships, both romantic and platonic.

Whether Hu was in the midst of a quarter-life-crisis is unknown, however it can be assumed that the years of early adulthood need to be taken in stride rather than angst.

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