#PeterChengBodoh Trend Erupts After Man Tries To Boycott KLCC Over Ladies-Only Parking

In a cry for sympathy on social media, this guy who tried to get into a ladies-only parking got shot down by netizens.

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It all started with this innocent Facebook rant about the ladies' parking at KLCC...

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Lets clear it up once and for all. This is what ladies' parking ACTUALLY means:

Women who visit the mall alone or with other women and young children are encouraged to park their vehicles here.

Women Parking (Strictly For Lone Women Drivers): It is created for a single lady driver. It is for safety and convenience of parking.

What are the reasons for designated parking bays for women only? While some people label it as 'sexist' because females get easier access to the entrance to malls than men, it is largely created due to safety reasons.

Crimes such as sexual assault, theft and harassment often target a majority of females and are carried out in parking lots due to low visibility, lack of people around and the ability for a quick getaway.

Malaysia adopted the ladies-only parking to assure comfort and safety for females who travel alone or with children where that specific area has a guard, panic buttons and a CCTV to keep an eye out for potential perpetrators.

Peter Cheng, who was looking to find sympathy by sharing his struggles as an urban dweller in the city of KL found that not everyone saw things from his point of view

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And because we're Malaysians, we always manage to drag politics into everything

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To avoid further harassment from people, Peter briefly deactivated his Facebook account and deleted the post. However, what's on the Internet stays on the Internet.

Upon reactivating his account, Peter made a public apology on Facebook admitting his mistake. His wife even released her own public apology, probably in hopes that people will move on from this.

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To protect his identity, he changed his job description on his Facebook profile which once again backfired after being called out by the company he claims to work at

After briefly deactivating the account to prevent the public from tearing into his Facebook account, he reactivated it again but with a small change. Netizens were not fooled, and caught him changing his job description to 'Self-employed' at G Land 2 U Sdn Bhd.

Moments later, he was embarrassed even more when G Land 2 U Sdn Bhd released a statement on Facebook, denying ever having him at their company.

While some may be forgiving, others are not sure that Peter Cheng's apology was sincere enough

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There were also a fair share of Twitter users who had something to say about him, till the hashtag #PeterChengBodoh started trending on Twitter

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What do you think about the whole incident? Are people being too harsh online? Tell us in the comment section below.

Meanwhile outside the parking lot, take a look at what Najib has to say about our safety

Sometimes, security guards need their break too

Come 2017, you may want to consider switching to using public transport because DBKL plans to reduce parking lots and charge for entering certain areas.

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