Petronas Apologises After 20 Cars Were Wrongly Pumped With "Mixed Petrol" In Serdang

The incident caused a mass breakdown on the Sungai Besi highway.

Cover image via PlacesMap/Twitter @Md_Shazlan

A total of 20 cars were left stranded near KM7 of the Sungai Besi Highway early this morning, 28 December, after allegedly being pumped with "mixed petrol" at the Petronas Solaris Besraya station

Stills taken from the viral video.

Image via Twitter @Md_Shazlan

A viral video posted up by Twitter user @Md_Shazlan, sourced from a WhatsApp group, shows a number of vehicles stranded along the highway on both sides.

A voice in the video claims that the 20 cars broke down on the highway near Serdang after filling up "mixed petrol" at the Petronas Solaris Serdang station.

Less than an hour after the video went up, Petronas Brands released a statement apologising for the "product mishandling" incident at its Solaris Besraya station

"We take this matter seriously and apologise to all our customers for the inconveniences this have caused," the statement read.

"We are already in contact with the affected customers, taking the necessary measures and will compensate them accordingly."

Petronas added that the station in question has been closed pending investigation and assured that other Petronas stations are not affected.

Meanwhile, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) is carrying out an investigation on incident

A KPDNHEP officer holds up samples taken from the petrol station.

Image via Mohd. Zulfaiz Zakaria/Utusan Malaysia

"We sent our team to the petrol station after being alerted on the viral message. This is part of our preliminary action and the petrol station had given good cooperation," the Ministry's enforcement chief Azman Adam told New Straits Times.

He added that petrol samples have been taken from the station and will be sent to the Chemistry Department to determine the composition of the substance.

Utusan Malaysia reported that the station is undergoing "maintenance works" and will be reopened at 7pm later today.

In related news, KPDNHEP has warned petrol station operators that refusing to stock up on reserve fuel is against the terms of their license:

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