[PHOTOS] A Malaysian Biker Club Patches Potholes On Their Own To Make Roads Safer For Us

This week in our FEEL GOOD FRIDAY column, we bring to you a story of Azlan Sani Zawawi and his biker group Silaturrahim Brotherhood, who decided to fill in potholes in KL by themselves to make the roads a safer place for motorists.

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Road Potholes In Malaysia Are Not Something New. It Has Been Plaguing Roads For Ages Due To Heavy Use, Bad Maintenance Or Even In Some Cases, Shoddy Workmanship.

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For Those Driving Cars, Potholes Are A Nuisance. But For Motorcyclists, Potholes Are A Matter Of Life And Death.

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For Motorcyclist Azlan Sani Zawawi, These Unrepaired Potholes Have Been The Cause Of Deaths For Many Of His Friends

Azlan revealed that he had lost several of his friends through accidents involving potholes.

So To Put A Stop To This Once And For All, The Silaturrahim Brotherhood, A Biker Group Which Azlan Is Part Of, Decided To Patch Up The Holes Themselves

Their Decision To Fill The Potholes Themselves Was Made After Appeals To Kuala Lumpur City Hall To Repair The Roads Went Ignored

Kuala Lumpur City Hall did not fix the roads despite Azlan’s appeal for the roads to be fixed, as reported by The Rakyat Post on Tuesday.

So With The Money They Raised From Their Own Savings, They Embarked To Patch Up The Roads All By Themselves

With just RM2,500 of his own savings, made possible through his business of selling T-shirts and motorcycle accessories, Azlan said the cost to repair the roads was much lower. “As a road user in the city, I am very concerned. “There are so many dangerous potholes, with some even knee deep! “They can be repaired swiftly and cheaply.”

“Our aim of paving the roads is not to take over the task of the local authorities, but because complaints made by road users, particularly motorcyclists, saw no immediate action being taken by the relevant authority.

Lando also revealed that the Brotherhood would secure funds by auctioning off goods and motorcycle accessories sold on line. They will not accept donations or organise fund raisers.

They Started By Repairing Roads Around Wangsa Maju, Sri Rampai And Even Areas Around KLCC

“Tonight, we’re working in Taman Sri Rampai, Wangsa Maju and Wangsa Melawati. “We may also repair Jalan Binjai near Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). “But safety first before everything else,” Azlan said during the briefing to his group mates.

The Group, Which Clearly Has A Heart Of Gold, Also Displayed Remarkable Sense When Asked About Money Factor. "Money Comes And Goes, But Can You Get A Life Back?," Asked One Of The Friends.

“You are all paid, but the Brotherhood does the work for free and without funds, so do something before it’s too late,” said the man, who was often known as Lando, when called by The Rakyat Post today.

With just six group members, Azlan said money was not an issue. “Money comes and goes, but can you get a life back?” he asked when probed by The Rakyat Post.

And If You're Wondering How You Can Help Them? As One Of Them Said: "Come To The Ground And Lend Us A Hand. But No Money, Please."

“All costs to pave roads before were met through God’s providence and the manpower of its members. It’s our way. In fact, I also used my own pocket money to repair a damaged road because I was tired of waiting and hoping for City Hall to resurface it.”

Azlan does not want any monetary donations as the group only conducts repair works when the need arises. “If you want to help, then come to the ground and lend us a hand. But no money, please.”


DBKL Says It's Not Right For The Public To Patch Potholes On Their Own

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The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur today asked a group of bikers, led by actor Azlan Sani Zawawi, who were going around repairing potholes in the city to refer with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) before carrying out any voluntary repair works.
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He said, in a statement, that it was not right for members of the public to carry out works that were under the local authority’s purview. “This is DBKL's responsibility and it needs to be referred directly to them,” Phesal said, responding to The Rakyat Post's report last week on the bikers' effort to repair potholes in Taman Sri Rampai, Wangsa Maju and Wangsa Melawati.

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said it was legally wrong for the volunteers to resurface roads in the city.
“Although I appreciate their efforts, it is wrong for them to do so because only the local authority has the power to carry out maintenance works as stipulated under the Street Drainage and Building Act 1974,” he said. “Their actions could be construed as vandalism and they can be prosecuted.”

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