Photos Of A Trailer Carrying A Gigantic '500-Year-Old' Tree Trunk In Pahang Go Viral

Environmentalist Khaidir Ahmad questioned why the Terengganu government allowed loggers to cut down an 'ancient' tree for a meagre RM2,000 in tax revenue.

Cover image via Khaidir Ahmad (Facebook)

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Photos of a trailer carrying a colossal tree trunk in Temerloh, Pahang went viral on Facebook over the weekend

Based on the photos shared by environmentalist Khaidir Ahmad, the tree trunk was carried by a trailer that had seven wheels on each side.

The gigantic log was cut in half and secured on the trailer with several metal chains. The photos are said to be taken at the East Coast Expressway (west-bound) rest area in Temerloh yesterday, 23 May.

Writing in the post, Khaidir said he believes that the log is of the Chengal species, which is listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List. Exports of the logs are banned and the species is often found in protected areas in Malaysia.

He told Malaysiakini that the tree is estimated to be over 500 years old.

"It should not have been cut down and instead protected as a national heritage for future generations," said Khaidir, who is a former journalist.

"The Chengal tree is nearly extinct in Malaysia."

In less than a day, Khaidir's post had garnered over 5,200 shares. Many netizens expressed concern about the possibility of hidden hands that led to the logging of the purported half a millennium old tree.

After the photos went viral, the Pahang Forestry Department (JPNP) clarified that the log was not taken from any forest sites in Pahang

"Information on the lorry and timber tallied with what was stated in a transporting permit issued by the Terengganu Forestry Department," JPNP said.

"It is understood that the timber will be sent to the Evergrowth Timber Factory in Selangor."

Sinar Harian reported JPNP as saying that the department appreciates the complaint on the matter, but wishes members of the public to report the matter to them directly so that action can be taken more swiftly.

"The department is always sensitive and responsible for all complaints reported to ensure that firm and immediate action can be taken to protect and preserve the state's forest treasures," it added.

Following JPNP's statement, Khaidir questioned why the Terengganu government is allowing entities to cut down the 'ancient' tree only to collect RM2,242.80 in taxes

According to him, Terengganu is an oil-rich state and that preserving the Chengal tree obviously outweighs the meagre RM2,000 collection in tax revenue.

"Why did the Terengganu Forestry Department just let the priceless natural treasure be cut down? Why did the Terengganu government approve a logging licence in the relevant area?" Khaidir demanded answers from the PAS-led state government.

Meanwhile, activists are asking the Federal government to stop the Melaka government from proceeding with a mega project that could potentially cause their 'last' public beach to be taken away:

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