Netizens Are Very Amused By A Sabah School Boy Who Got His Head Stuck In A Plastic Cone

Photos of his sticky little mishap have gone viral on Twitter.

Cover image via Twitter @luqmansidek

Kids really do the darnedest things.

A primary school boy in Kuala Penyu, Sabah recently sent Malaysians into fits of laughter after photos of him getting his head stuck in a plastic cone went viral.

Oh boy.

Image via Twitter @luqmansidek

Malay Mail reported that the Standard Five student was waiting for his parents to pick him up when he decided to play at a school shed where the cone was kept.

Photos of the incident were retweeted over 15.6k times at the time of writing, with amused netizens posting cheeky comparisons in the thread:

The school had to call in the Fire and Rescue Department to get the boy out of the sticky situation. There's even a video showing a group of firefighters trying to saw off the cone from his head:

Fortunately, the firemen managed to dislodge the cone from the boy's head after about half an hour of careful sawing

Image via

A spokesperson from the Fire and Rescue Department said, "The firefighters used a chainsaw to cut the cone to remove it from the victim's head.

"The task to remove the cone was carefully done. If there was a mistake, it could injure the victim’s mouth,” she said, as quoted by Harian Metro. 

She added that the boy was not harmed in the incident and was later handed over to his parents who were there to witness the little mishap. 

Children are wild, man. We don't know whether to laugh or cry when they get caught in bizarre situations like these:

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