Photographer Captures The Exact Moment A Mother Was Struck Dead By Lightning

A photojournalist was at the right place at the right time to capture the worst possible outcome for a woman standing on the beach during a thunderstorm.

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Photographer Rogério Soares caught an eerie moment with his camera. A woman struck dead by lightning on a beach.

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A 36 year old Brazilian tourist, Rosangela Biavati has been caught on film the moment she was struck and killed by lightning as she straddled towards the ocean to get her son and nephews to leave the waters as lightning begun.

The swimmers ignored warnings, ultimately leading to Rosangela Biavati to be struck by lightning

According to A Tribuna, Biavati and her companions ignored warnings that were clearly in place against approaching the water.

But a climatologist who spoke with Globo's G1 news portal said those warning often aren't enough.
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"People are really anxious about going to the beach and don't listen to safety recommendations," said Rodolfo Bonafim. "Ideally the place should be cleared, and entry should be forbidden during a thunderstorms."

The split second the lightning bolt hits Rosangela Biavati, obscured by a vehicle, in front of her horrified friends

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Apparently the people she was with tried to resuscitate her for 2 minutes, but to no avail

Mrs Biavati's friends and family are distraught as lifeguards attempt to revive her on the beach

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The victim’s brother Elias Biavati added: 'When I saw my sister she was already lying on the ground and people were trying to revive her by massaging her heart.'
According to the Biavati, another sister who was standing near to Roseangela when the lightning struck received a black eye.

Three men, including the victim’s husband who is wearing white swimming trucks, drag her lifeless body onto the beach

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Photographer Rogério Soares on Biavati’s death:

It was very impressive. It was a mixture of horror and sadness. [I do not know] what to do. It was awesome. It seems that the lightning was just waiting for her to come because she had children in the water at that moment.

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