Photos Of Woman Lying On Driver's Lap While Travelling 70KM/H On Highway Go Viral

The photos show the woman was resting her head on the driver's lap while facing up in the vehicle.

Cover image via @mynewshub (Twitter)

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Photos showing a woman lying on a driver's lap while travelling in a Perodua Myvi on a highway have recently gone viral on Twitter

A tweet published by @mynewshub claimed the photos were taken on a highway, believed to be the North-South Expressway, on Sunday, 9 April.

At the time, they were travelling from Ayer Keroh, Melaka to Pedas Linggi, Negeri Sembilan.

"If you want to be romantic, go to the forest," the tweet read, adding, "(The Myvi) was driving at 70km/h in the middle lane. I noticed (the car since it started driving) from Ayer Keroh to Pedas Linggi. It didn't change lanes at all, and didn't seem to be a P licence driver."

The photos show the woman resting her head on the driver's lap while facing up in the vehicle, possibly engaging in a conversation with the driver or sleeping.

At the time of writing, the tweet has gone viral with over 945,000 views and 2,900 likes

The photos garnered mixed reactions from Twitter users, with one saying that maybe the people in the Myvi were a married couple and the person who took the photos could be slandering them.

To which @mynewshub replied that even if they were a married couple, their action was a road safety issue.

"Road safety is the priority, and the same goes for the person who took the photos. Both were in the wrong," wrote a netizen.

"She was sleeping but accused of engaging in something romantic," said another person with crying emojis.

One Twitter user added, "Even if she wanted to lie down, she should have lowered the backrest and not lay on the driver's lap. If they got into an accident, her head would be cracked."

Image via Twitter

Last week, a couple was arrested after a video of them in a compromising position went viral:

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