Pilot And Crew Unhurt After RMAF Aircraft Forced To Make A Belly Landing At Labuan Airport

It was forced to land without its gear.

Cover image via NST Online

On Saturday, 18 November, a Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) transport aircraft, C130 Hercules, had to do an emergency landing at the Labuan International Airport

C130 Hercules circled for six hours to burn off fuel before it was forced to make a belly landing without tyres at 5.15pm

Image via NST

The airport has been closed following the landing

The transport aircraft made a successful belly landing after experiencing a landing gear fault, RMAF said in a statement. Details of what the aircraft was transporting, or where it had come from were not made public.

The aircraft making a belly landing.

Image via The Malaysian Insight

While the pilot and crew members were unhurt, the statement did not disclose the number of people onboard

Image via NST

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