Pizza Hut Malaysia Responds To Woman's Claim That They Only Serve Non-Muslims After 8.30pm

Pizza Hut Malaysia has made several attempts to the woman and released a statement explaining their side of the story.

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In a tweet posted on Monday, a woman has alleged that a Pizza Hut branch in a shopping mall in PJ declined to serve her in the evening as the restaurant will only start serving non-Muslims at 8.30pm

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According to the Twitter timestamp, the tweet was posted at 7.17pm on Monday, 5 June. As of 1.30pm today, it has been re-tweeted over 700 times.

At the time of writing, her account - and subsequently, her tweets - have been set to 'Private'.

Her tweet quickly gained traction on Twitter, with several Malaysians urging her to lodge a complaint with Pizza Hut Malaysia's management

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

However, in some of her replies, the woman revealed that she has yet to file a formal complaint as she "didn't want to make it seem like I'm disrespecting them".

The tweet soon became a top thread on the r/Malaysia subreddit. While many shared the sentiment that she should lodge a complaint, some suggested that this incident could be the result of a personal oversight.

In light of the allegation, Pizza Hut Malaysia has launched an investigation and subsequently released a statement clarifying that their restaurants do not "practice a reservation policy based on race or religious background"

"Pizza Hut Malaysia is aware of a complaint by a Twitter user alleging that her party was denied seating at a Pizza Hut restaurant because the restaurant would not seat non-Muslims until 8:30pm. We take these allegations seriously and are investigating the issue rigorously.

Pizza Hut Malaysia does not practice a reservation policy based on the race or religious background of our customers. We treat all our customers equally on a first-come, first-serve basis. Every customer is important to us, regardless of personal background," Pizza Hut said in a statement e-mailed to SAYS.

Following their investigation, the pizza chain also said that the staff could not seat the woman as the restaurant was fully occupied at the time. They have also reached out to her for further clarification of the incident.

"At this point of time, our investigation shows our staff communicated that the customer could not be seated because the restaurant was fully occupied at that time. We have tried contacting the customer to no avail, and will continue in our efforts to reach her and clarify the incident."

The fast food chain appeared to have reached out to the woman on Twitter yesterday to apologise and request for further information to assist in their investigations.

SAYS has also attempted to contact the woman via her social media accounts for further comment.

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