[GUIDE] How To Use Debit Or Credit Cards For Toll Payments At Penang Bridge


Cover image via PLUS Malaysia (Facebook)

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PLUS Malaysia has begun a pilot test for its newly installed open payment toll collection system (SPT) at Penang Bridge.

The system allows commuters to pay for tolls by using their credit or debit cards.

According to an announcement by the toll concessionaire on 15 March, toll payments via debit or credit cards can be made at lanes displaying the MyDebit, Visa, and Mastercard logos.

"At these lanes, two types of devices are provided: the Touch 'n Go card reader and the MyDebit-Visa-Mastercard reader. Users can tap their debit or credit cards on the latter for toll payments," it said.

Meanwhile, eligible Penangites will also enjoy a 20% discount

The discount is applicable to residents of Penang, but is also available to workers and students residing on Penang Island, according to PLUS Malaysia.

You can register to enjoy a 20% discount under PLUSMiles when using bank cards or RFID. For company vehicles, however, the discount is limited to Touch 'n Go cards.

The discount is only available for Class 2 and Class 3 vehicles

 You can submit your application at the Portal Jimat di Penang.

Image via PLUS

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