DAP's Rara May Be In Trouble Over Her 'Seditious' Social Media Posts

Young Syefura Othman, it seems, is being questioned by the cops as part of a sedition probe for allegedly insulting the Royal institution.

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The cops paid a surprise visit to the home of Young Syefura Othman in Puncak Alam, citing sedition probe

Syefura, popularly known by her nickname Rara, told Malay Mail Online she was notified of the police visit by her younger brother as she was not home at that time.

“I was not home at the time. The police came and spoke to my brother. They did not say for what I was being investigated for, but said it was an offence related to the Sedition Act,” she said when contacted.

The police were from the Saujana police station and claimed they were under orders from Kuala Lumpur’s Dang Wangi district police headquarters to pick her up for investigation, Syefura recounted.

Syefura had attended a DAP fundraising dinner and delivered a rousing speech.

Yesterday, DAP organised a press conference and stated that it will cooperate with the cops

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DAP will co-operate with the police in its investigations against party member Syefura for sedition, but questions the timing.

"She is required to be at IPD Dang Wangi at 10am, on Aug 14 to provide a statement," DAP legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo said.

In confirming her attendance, Syefura said she will be accompanied by her lawyer Gobind Singh Deo.

She explained that a post was made in September last year, which were related to the issue of activist Ali Abdul Jalil and law lecturer Dr Azmi Sharom.

"I only post '#Sultanbukantuhan.' That's all. But the Umno cybertroopers accused me of insulting the Sultan."

Lim Kit Siang: The cops are out to "frighten young Malaysians in particular young Malays"

Malay members of DAP are coming in for scrutiny by police in an effort to discourage others from joining the party, Lim Kit Siang suggested today.

The DAP parliamentary leader said it was patent that the police were targeting at Syefura, after she became active in the party.

"Rara is clearly picked out as one of the active young Malays that came forward wanting change for this country,” DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang said of Syefura, who joined DAP last year.

“They are trying to frighten young Malaysians, in particular Malays who are outspoken,” Lim said.

“Police have to explain why they are acting after a year, and also because thousands have used that hashtag,” Lim said.

“Are the police also going to go after the hundreds and thousands who have used the hashtag?”

While most media reported that Syefura is being investigated for a Facebook post, FMT reported that she is being questioned over her Twitter postings last year

According to Syefura, she used the hashtags #mansuhkanaktahasutan, #sultanbukantuhan, #solidaritiwithazmi and #prayforall last September. She said she had no intention of insulting anyone or undermining the royal institution.

“I was shocked,” she said, referring to a text message she received from the police last night. “Why only after one year have the police chosen to take action? But I will take full responsibility for my actions and I will go to the police station with my lawyer.”

Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, the IGP is certain that Rara ‘must have said something seditious’ to be summoned by cops

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said that police officers do not simply summon individuals for questioning under the Sedition Act unless they had uttered seditious remarks.

“She must have commented, said something seditious. We don’t simply call up people."

“If we call up someone, he or she must have said something (seditious),” he told reporters at a news conference when asked to comment on Syefura being called for questioning tomorrow.

According to the text message sighted by Malay Mail Online, Syefura is being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1948.

Police also explained that several police reports have been lodged against Syefura

When asked to explain which of her remarks were illegal, the police assistant superintendent who summoned Syefura told the politician that several police reports have been lodged against her.

“Police reports lodged against many issues, but one of it is on a post insulting the Sultan,” ASP Ahmad Khairuddin Alias said, before assuring Syefura that she was only being summoned to have her statement recorded and would not be detained.

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