Policeman Claims Supercar & Superbike Convoys Are Banned On Genting Highlands' Roads

The news has made waves among automobile enthusiasts in the past few days.

Cover image via Twitter @RimauXI & TheSighBored/YouTube

A video showing a police officer saying supercar and superbike convoys are banned from heading up to Genting Highlands has gone viral online

In the 51-second video, an officer donned in a Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) reflective vest said the management of Genting Highlands will bar joyriding groups from heading to the holiday resort.

"Convoy groups, take note. The management of Genting Highlands said they will not allow superbike, motor kapcai (underbone), and sports car convoys to pass by or go up to Genting Highlands," said the face mask-wearing police officer.

"This is because some groups reportedly caused havoc, such as making loud noises in hotel lobbies and disturbing hotel guests."

When asked how long will the ban last, the officer said it is uncertain at this juncture

"I am not sure how long will the instruction stay, but the public will be informed once the ban has been lifted," the officer added.

He said if his team is no longer stationed on the road heading up to Genting Highlands, it possibly means that the management has removed the rule.

SAYS reached out to the management for a response, but they refused to comment on the matter

Despite not getting a confirmation from Genting Highlands, the news has been widely reported by automobile news portals nationwide over the past few days.

The issue was picked up by BFM's Cruise Control programme last night, 8 July, where one of the hosts of the show was heard saying that Genting Highlands has every right to implement the ban because the road leading up to the resort is a private land. 

Image via rajafadz/tumblr

At the time of writing, the video has amassed over 6,700 retweets on Twitter, with many netizens celebrating the alleged ban

"Haha. In your face. There was once I couldn't sleep at night because they kept revving their exhausts in front of the hotel. Plus, it sounds like diarrhea farts," commented a Twitter user.

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"Just when the abang police mentioned about noisy exhaust sounds the cars make, five seconds later, a car with a noisy exhaust pipe passed by," noted a netizen.

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One netizen said in jest that the groups should opt to head up to Genting Highlands with a Perodua Myvi from now on.

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